The sharp blade of the device slid quickly and effortlessly into tender flesh, instantly drawing blood.  A small rivulet of crimson was simultaneously accompanied by an intake of breath and a high pitched shriek…. The hefty, worn shaft of a butcher knife grasped tentatively, the long blade hovering indecisively above its assignment, connecting instead with … Continue reading Fear


“Your shoulder surgery is scheduled for December 4th,” was the perfunctory greeting from Dr. Kennedy’s office. My first thought was not about the impending pain and my own well being, or even the required four weeks off of work. Instead my mind did a quick calculation...December 4th....twenty-one days before Christmas, which left fourteen days for … Continue reading Limitations

Where Words Fail

What should I bake? Typically this is my first thought when planning for family gatherings, a training at work, or when the stress-o-meter edges into the red zone. When it comes what to bake many factors enter into the decision making process....the time of year, the event, who I am baking for and what I … Continue reading Where Words Fail